Catalyst of Healthy Ageing, Inspired Lifestyle


ACG Concept – Passion & Purpose For Everyday Life

ACG Concept is Malaysia’s first Lifestyle Advocate in aged care.

As the Lifestyle Advocate, we activate, prosper & treasure the nuances of ageing through an array of activities and programmes.

Our lifestyle programmes are designed to activate functional ability and well-being of individuals across the ageing spectrum from conception to execution for corporations, NGOs and individuals in accordance to the World Health Organisation’s definition of ‘Healthy Ageing‘.


Circles of 5

Circles of 5 – Life Is Pretty Straight Without Circles

The Circles of 5 is our signature driving principle for healthy ageing lifestyle. We look into the core areas of individuals from the physical, mental, emotional, social and financial aspects of life that make up the Circles of 5.

Designed for healthy ageing, the Circles of 5 is our veritable response for modern living, materialised in every activity to build personal effectiveness in all areas of life and cultivate enriched living.


Our Philosophy & Aspiration- Values That Determine The Future

We are allies for ‘Healthy Ageing’, committed to the values of trust and respect in every endeavour to preserve the autonomy, dignity and integrity of older persons.

We aspire to promote positive societal change for an inspired lifestyle in healthy ageing.


What We Do – Design With Form & Function

ACG Concept brings a coalition of businesses, organisations and communities together in an oscillating cycle of activities and knowledge-sharing that meet varied interests.


Our Key Pillars:

1. Business Intelligence (B2B)

  • We establish our relationship with various service provider, corporate and like-minded partner to run meaningful Partner Programmes, events & activities to Malaysian elderly.


2. Ageing Communities (B2C)

  • We bring our Partner Programmes, events & activities to the ageing communities and work closely with relevant NGO, organisations and community centres to ensure them a healthy ageing lifestyle.



  • Information & Knowledge Hub
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