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Apakah itu inkontinen?

Inkontinen 101

Inkontinen ialah ketidakmampuan mengawal pengeluaran air kencing (atau najis). Ia tidak mengancam nyawa tetapi mampu menjejaskan kehidupan seseorang penderita.

Apakah itu inkontinen?

Adakah ia sejenis penyakit?

Tidak. Inkontinen adalah sejenis keadaan perubatan yang sering dikaitkan dengan kehamilan, bersalin atau pelbagai keadaan kronik seperti kencing manis, arthritis, dementia dan strok.

Bukankah ia sebahagian proses penuaan?

Tidak. Inkontinen bukan terjadi akibat penuaan. Perubahan yang berlaku akibat penuaan (contohnya, menopaus bagi wanita dan pembesaran prostat bagi lelaki) mungkin faktor penyumbang tetapi ini tidak bermakna anda patut berputus asa.

Bolehkah ia diubati?

Dalam kebanyakan kes, ia boleh diubati. Jika punca inkontinen berjaya dikenal pasti dan dirawat awal, selalunya inkontinen mampu dihentikan.

Di mana saya boleh mendapatkan bantuan?

Anda boleh dapat bantuan dari perkhidmatan Pentadbir Penjaga dari Managedcare. Sila hubungi 03-2142 7166 sekarang untuk mendapat nasihat dan khidmat jagaan optima.

Managedcare and FA Advisory: Care and Finance converge for a better future

KUALA LUMPUR, 16 February 2017: – To enable Malaysians to enjoy an elevated standard of retirement, accessibility to care services and financial planning services will be boosted in a joint initiative by Managedcare Sdn Bhd (“Managedcare”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aged Care Group Sdn Bhd, and FA Advisory Sdn Bhd, a member of the Singapore-based Financial Alliance Group.

The Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) was inked to achieve the shared vision through mutual promotion and referrals of relevant services and products relating to finance and care. The public will benefit through education and advocacy activities from both parties that will lead to human-centred retirement and purposeful long-term care plans.

The collaboration seeks to address the nation’s ageing demographics and promote the urgent need for holistic planning that takes long term care into account with proper financial planning. The aim is to bridge the gap and bring to the market financial planning services that encompass care administration services with long term care planning.

As the Care Administrator, Managedcare will ensure that the quality of care received is in sync with the client’s health and long-term care plan. As a one-stop care platform, they will coordinate, monitor and administer a variety of healthcare and service provisions to ensure optimum value of care for the clients’ overall wellbeing.

“What we do in our care is by adopting a person-centred approach. This means we make sure that all of our products and services fulfils the physical, emotional, mental, social and financial part of the person as all of these parts are inter-related.” Says Carol Yip, CEO of Managedcare Sdn Bhd.

As the financial planner, FA Advisory will structure the financial aspect based on its tried and tested advisory mode l ̶ the Five Pillars of Wealth. The model addresses wealth protection, wealth maintenance, wealth accumulation, wealth enhancement and wealth distribution, so it comprehensively covers all the essential elements of an individual’s financial planning needs. With this extraordinary model, an integrated solution for a fulfilling retirement plan is developed.

“We see the synergy between Managedcare and FA Advisory because one of our shared aspect is retirement planning. Malaysia is an ageing population, but many do not see the urgency of this due to many financial obligations in other areas. However, this is as important because many surveys have shown Malaysians are not saving enough for retirement.” Says Tang Khan Loon, Director of FA Advisory Sdn Bhd.

Both Managedcare and FA Advisory urge Malaysians to start planning now in order to enjoy a decent post retirement lifestyle, especially when it comes to having sufficient funding for their long term care needs. As an ageing population, the imminent growth of the retirement and aged care industry makes it an attractive endeavour.


EcoWorld unveils Eco Sanctuary Care Hub

By Lum Ka Kay

KOTA KEMUNING (Aug 7): Eco World Development Group Bhd (EcoWorld) has unveiled Eco Sanctuary Care Hub, which is located in the 27-acre The Parque Residences of the Eco Sanctuary township, at the south of Kota Kemuning.

The pilot project will offer a 24/7 nurse-on-call service as well as a care manager to attend to any care service request, said its president and CEO Datuk Chang Khim Wah.

“We are delighted to be working with Managedcare, the operator of this care services, to provide our residents and also the surrounding community the convenience of a centre for accessing care administration and wellness services,” he said at the launch, which was in conjunction with the celebration of EcoWorld Prestige’s — a purchaser rewards programme — second anniversary.

Managedcare is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aged Care Group Sdn Bhd where it will offer wellness care, products and services to residents of Eco Sanctuary.

Chang added that another Care Hub would be set up in the commercial precinct of Eco Sanctuary upon its completion in 2018.

Eco Sanctuary is a 308.7-acre leasehold project and The Parque Residences is its first high-rise residential development, expected to be completed by end-2018.

The Parque Residences consists of six 20 to 25-storey residential blocks which house 1,000 high-rise units. The first phase of three blocks comprises 597 units with built-up sizes ranging from 516 sq ft to 1,388 sq ft. The selling price starts from RM400,000 or averages RM700 psf.

According to Chang, services provided are based on the Circles of 5 Enriched Living Programme which comprises five key components — physical, mental, emotional, social and financial.

“To celebrate the unveiling of Eco Sanctuary Care Hub, EcoWorld is offering both current and future Eco Sanctuary customers a complimentary care assessment.

“This includes basic health check tests for blood pressure, blood glucose level, BMI, pulse rate and cholesterol level for a limited time only,” said Chang.

Source: | August 7



Managedcare Inks Collaboration Agreement with Rockwills®Trustee and Kenanga

CareTRUST™, A Living Trust For Your Care Needs

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 February 2016: – Managedcare Sdn Bhd (“Managedcare”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aged Care Group Sdn Bhd, today inked a Collaboration Agreement for the launch of CareTRUST™ with Rockwills Trustee Berhad (“Rockwills Trustee”) and the Wealth Management arm of Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad (“KenWealth”).

CareTRUST™ is a living trust where an individual’s monies are set aside to ensure provision of continuum care that is financially stable in the event of failing health and or long term retirement care. The collaboration aims to address the nation’s ageing demographics and to provide the public an effective solution for the administration of care. It embodies a shared vision among all three organisations to create an integrated framework that will spur a catalytic change in retirement and aged care that will elevate the industry to be on par with other regional countries.

As the Care Administrator for CareTRUST™, Managedcare will be responsible to ensure that the quality of care received is in sync with the client’s health and long-term care plan. They will coordinate, monitor and administer a variety of healthcare and service provisions to ensure optimum value of care for our clients’ overall wellbeing.

According to Carol Yip, CEO, Managedcare, “There is a void to fill in the Malaysian financial planning space for sustainable retirement care. We believe that through the introduction of CareTRUST™, complemented with its unique characteristics of integrating various care services, we will narrow the gap and provide the type of care Malaysians are looking for. CareTRUST™ aims to address issues such as longevity risk, medical inflation, insufficient savings and the high cost of living. The possibility of needing long-term care is very real as we move towards an ageing society. The collaboration sets a strong foundation to assist individuals in attaining sustainable financial affordability to purchase an array of quality care services.”

Ismitz Matthew De Alwis, CEO, Kenanga Investors Berhad speaking on behalf of KenWealth, “This collaboration marks a new milestone for the retirement and aged care industry to fulfil the need for an integrated financial and healthcare framework especially for the ageing population. At Kenanga, we are committed to providing sustainable retirement investment solutions to all Malaysians.

Rockwills Trustee is the independent trustee for CareTRUST™ and is given custodial rights to manage the funds. As a Trustee they will safeguard the client’s interests by monitoring and disseminating the monies for care according to their instructions.

CareTRUST™ encourages Malaysians to sustain a decent post retirement lifestyle and sufficient funding for their long term care needs. With an ageing population, the imminent growth of the retirement and aged care industry makes it an attractive endeavor. For organisations and individuals who are interested to participate in this ecosystem which offers tangible opportunities can engage Managedcare at

For more information on CareTRUST™, please visit today.

For media assistance, please contact:

Managedcare Sdn Bhd
Corporate Affairs
Tel: 03-2142 7166

K & N Kenanga Holdings Berhad
Group Marketing & Communications
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About Managedcare Sdn Bhd

Managedcare is in the business of coordinating a variety of healthcare and long-term care services as well as the administration of these services to achieve optimum value in terms of quality and affordability.

We bring to market products and services that ease the provision and access to care, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Our vision is to meet the growing demand of care at a price, quality and vicinity/locality that is sustainable for different income levels.

We strive to achieve our vision by providing a one stop platform that delivers information on health and aged care related services & products and maximising the provision of the client’s care in terms of cost efficacy, volume, delivery and intensity of services provided.

To know more about Managedcare, go to

About Rockwills Trustee Berhad

Rockwills Trustee Berhad is a Trust Corporation incorporated in Malaysia and registered under the Trust Companies Act 1949. Rockwills Trustee is part of the Rockwills Group of Companies. We are committed in providing innovative, comprehensive and professional Estate Planning and Trustee services.
Today, Rockwills Trustee Berhad has more than 70,000 appointments as Executor and Trustee. We are currently managing about RM2 billion worth of assets under trust for our clients.

To know more about Rockwills Trustee Bhd, go to

About Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad

Kenanga Investment Bank is a one-stop solution centre offering equity broking and corporate advisory services and strategy to meet business and capital market needs. It is one of Malaysia’s top three stockbrokers*, the largest independent investment bank* by equity trading volume and value, as well as one of the top three brokerage houses in Malaysia.

Our clients enjoy:

  • convenience through more than 30 locations throughout Malaysia
  • one of the largest remisier network in the country
  • comprehensive financial products and services

We offer a wide range of products and services such as corporate and institutional coverage, corporate finance, debt capital markets, equity capital markets, corporate banking, Islamic finance, equity broking, equity derivatives and structured products, treasury as well as investment research and advisory services.

KenWealth is the Wealth Management division of Kenanga Investment Bank that enables the pursuit of financial security through careful strategic wealth management and planning. KenWealth aims to offer a myriad of options, flexible financial planning solutions, and access to a comprehensive range of products as well as tailored financial advisory services.

To know more about KenWealth, visit

* based on 2015 year to date Bursa Malaysia’s Participating Organisations Trading Summary

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