Circles Enriched Living Programme (CELP)


What is Circles Enriched Living Programme (CELP)?

It is a unique programme that covers the 5 core needs – physical, mental, emotional, social and financial. You will go through an assessment process and would be recommended customised activities to keep you in optimal health.


What are the Benefits of CELP?

Our programmes are tailored with the aim to lead an enriched life. You will be able to experience fun, explore your interests, learn new skills and develop stronger bonds with your family & friends.


CELP activities and services are beneficial for all and is age-friendly.

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Reduce the risks of falls; The Physical Fitness programme is designed to improve your balance and strengthen your physical condition.


Reduce the risk of dementia & Alzheimer’s by staying mentally active; our Brain Fitness programme will stimulate your mental functions to lead a brain-healthy lifestyle.


Reduce the risk of depression; express yourself with our Music & Memory programme that offers long-term benefits to your mental health.


Social isolation decreases physical & mental health. You can stay connected, bond, and find support with like-minded peers in our support groups and creative & expressive art programmes.


Avoid financial troubles; Our financial professionals can advise you on how to achieve financial sustainability and worry free retirement.


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