Circles Home Care


Circles Home Care

Circles Home Care manages the care of your elderly parents and loved ones. Our priority is to find the right type of care which may vary for you depending on your unique needs.

We manage your care according to a Personalised Care Programme designed by our trained professionals – doctors, health psychologist, therapist and nurses. We adopt a holistic approach to our Care Assessment based on our 5 Circles of wellness – physical, social, mental, emotional and financial.

Our Circles Home Care offers:

  • Care Concierge and Medical Escort
  • Home Nursing & Home Care
  • Home Rehabilitation

Care Concierge and Medical Escort

  • Help elderly to understand doctor’s advice during medical visits
  • Discuss with the doctor, therapist or allied healthcare personnel on the care requirements
  • Preparation of a care report
  • Providing transportation

Home Nursing

  • Provided by skilled and experienced registered nurses
  • Medicine management for specialised care needs-diabetic, cancer, dementia etc
  • Tube feeding and change of Ryles` tube
  • Wound and bed sores dressing
  • Supervision in medication and dietary needs
  • Assist in the bowel and bladder care needs

Home Care

  • Administered by skilled care givers
  • Provide support for Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
    • Bed baths and sponging
    • Assist with mobility / transferring ( moving from bed to wheelchair etc)
    • Feeding, Dressing & Grooming

Home Rehabilitation

Our Home Rehabilitation Services is complemented by skilled Dieticians to look after any dietary needs as well as trained Psychologist to look after the mental health conditions of your loved ones.

  • Physiotherapy – to improve mobility, increase muscle strength, reduce chronic pain and restore balance and is designed to help patients to manage independently
  • Occupational Therapy – to restore independent living, vocational rehabilitation and other activities
  • Speech Therapy – to regain the ability to communicate, memory problems or difficulty in swallowing.


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