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Tingkat Kualiti Penjagaan Warga Emas

Harian Metro, 19 April 2017

Kuala Lumpur: Universiti Malaya (UM) dan Aged Care Group (ACG) menjalinkan kerjasama bagi membangunkan Continuum Care dalam usaha memastikan penjagaan warga emas di Malaysia diurus dengan lebih baik, berterusan dan menyeluruh.

Inisiatif penting membabitkan sektor awam dan swasta itu bagi menangani cabaran dihadapi warga emas seperti kekurangan pusat penjagaan dan kemudahan mencukupi untuk mereka, modal insan yang terhad termasuk kekurangan pakar perubatan dan pusat pakar perkhidmatan.

Menurut Naib Canselor UM Prof Tan Sri Dr Mohd Amin Jalaludin, pada masa ini Malaysia menghadapi keperluan akut untuk kualiti dan perkhidmatan penjagaan orang tua yang berpatutan.

Menurutnya, melihat kepada demografi semasa, Malaysia sedang bergerak ke arah sebuah negara penuaan pada 2030 di mana rakyat berusia 60 tahun dan lebih tua akan menjadi sehingga 15 peratus daripada jumlah penduduk.

“Tujuan kerjasama ini adalah untuk menangani beberapa cabaran dihadapi landskap penuaan iaitu kekurangan infrastruktur yang lebih mesra warga tua, bekalan terhad modal insan dan perkhidmatan penjagaan khusus yang tidak mencukupi,” katanya ketika berucap pada majlis perjanjian persefahaman (MoU) itu di sini, semalam.

ACG inks MoU with UM in Continuum Care for older Malaysians

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 April 2017:

To lead a hassle-free life when they need care, a joint initiative between Aged Care Group and University of Malaya will be undertaken to provide continuum care for older Malaysians.

The Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) sees a cohesive effort between the public and private sector to address some of the challenges confronting the Malaysian ageing landscape namely lack of aged care and intermediate care facilities, limited supply of human capital including medical specialists and insufficient specialised care services. One of the reason for this collaboration including the need to increase “professionally trained and skilled human resources” to cater for the increasing demand of ageing population.

Continuum of care is a concept involving an integrated system of care through a comprehensive array of health and care services. Each institution will engage on a shared advocacy strategy bringing forth their skills and expertise to encourage leadership by offering a vision for the future and to provide a framework for the delivery of optimum care.

As education plays an important success factor, both sides will pursue many significant activities, such as knowledge sharing and exchange within the community; the promotion of activities to create public awareness, seminars, workshops and conferences in the area of education and training for the aged care industry. The partnership will build networks that benefit the public especially through collaboration for education and advocacy that will lead towards human-centered continuum care.

Both Aged Care Group and University of Malaya urge Malaysians to learn and know more about aged care as we are moving toward into an ageing nation.



Aged Care Group Sdn Bhd

Aged Care Group (ACG) is an organisation engaged in the business of elevating and providing aged care services in Malaysia. ACG is driven with a strong vision to advocate innovation and transformation in ageing by offering continuum care as a premium choice for enriched living. We operate in an ecosystem that provides integrated care services and products through meaningful partnerships business community, government, public sectors and corporations.
A detailed profile of who we are can be obtained at www.agedcare.com.my.


University of Malaya

University of Malaya, or UM, Malaysia’s oldest university, is situated on a 922 acre (373.12 hectare) campus in the southwest of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

It was founded on 28 September 1905 in Singapore as the King Edward VII College of Medicine and on 8th October 1949, it became the University of Malaya with the merger of the King Edward VII College of Medicine and Raffles College (founded in 1928).

UM’s mission is to advance knowledge and learning through quality research and education for the nation and for humanity.

For more information, please visit https://www.um.edu.my/


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