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Media Tour

Experiencing Living in CRAFT Home

A Resort-Setting Environment with Premium Lifestyle:
A Cross-Sectoral Collaboration between Aged Care Group & EcoWorld


Kuala Lumpur, 25 September 2018: Aged Care Group (ACG) actively advocates and promotes premium lifestyle for the seniors and “Ageing-in-place” through continuum care. ACG today organised a visit for the media to visit CRAFT Home, and discover the vitality in immersive living. CRAFT Home is the first project built, designed with both age-friendly hardware and software components for ageing-in-place in Malaysia.

Ageing-in-place has been implemented in various developed countries globally. It is a concept where community-based facilities and resources are used and deployed to care for the seniors or those in need, so that they live and age within the comfort of their own home. Ageing-in-place enables the seniors to have access to holistic consultation on their health and wellness, and long-term care. They can also continue living in an environment they have acclimatised to, and enjoy having a close-knit family within the same community. A familiar living environment helps to instil a good sense of belonging and build positive interaction with the community.

Media TourACG and Eco World Development Group Berhad have collaborated to build the inaugural CRAFT Home, the accommodation semi-furnished with age-friendly designs. These CRAFT Homes, which have a variety of facilities for a premium lifestyle, is located at The Parque Residences, Eco Sanctuary; a township in a serene and rejuvenating environment with beautiful landscape, 12-acre of spacious green and nature.

In terms of its planning and design, CRAFT Home also advocates and promotes ‘Multi-Generational Living’ as it is built in an environment conducive for various age groups. One of the greatest advantages of CRAFT Home is on early planning; it allows the seniors to make their very own decision relating to the desired lifestyle and ageing matters. Early planning allows a change for the better; from satisfying the “needs” to an ‘option” to move, for the seniors and their family to improve the quality of life and live more happily.

Media Tour

Inevitably, these facilities or hardware components enable the residents to live in an environment similar to a 5-star hotel, whilst CRAFT Lifestyle Services are exclusive and personalised services managed by ACG. This is for the families, and particularly the seniors to enjoy comprehensive care and services, including on health and wellness. This includes a care hub with 24/7 nurse station and monthly doctor consultation, which provides an integrated wellness and care ecosystem for the seniors and their family, and they need not go to multiple locations for the required care services. With medical consultation and services provided by a professional healthcare team within the community, this is important and provides convenience to the seniors.

The conventional hospital admission for treatments applies mainly for physiological health purpose; whilst rehabilitation requires not just medical and nursing care, family’s companionship and concern is vital too. Ageing-in-place enables the seniors to receive more thorough and personalised care that aid in the recovery process. This also enhances the communication between the seniors and their family. Within an environment where the seniors are able to constantly feel the warmth of their own family, they can enjoy better mental and emotional health. This will also generate savings on valuable resources on areas including medical, human and financial over a long-term. This conforms to the ACG’s DNA for healthy ageing; that is to provide our seniors the Circles of 5 which ensure they receive care from a holistic aspect, including on physical, mental, emotional, social and financial.

These Circles of 5 complement the ageing-in-place and premium lifestyle concepts promoted by ACG, of which the seniors can age within the comfort of their own home. Living in the community of Eco Sanctuary, this premium lifestyle is supported by services provided by a professional care and wellness team. Interaction and community living are imperative to enhance the quality of senior living, therefore various activities that are good for their physical and mental health will be organised within the neighbourhood. In addition to health, wellness and care services, as well as the provision of age-friendly accommodation, CRAFT Lifestyle Services also provide a variety of customised services, including concierge & hospitality services such as catering & meal delivery, housekeeping & home repairs and celebrations planning; as well as finance and legal services like financial planning for aged care, CareTRUST™ for long-term care and will writing. Apart from enhancing the quality of life, these software components aim to cultivate the spirits of self-help, decision making ability and community support amongst the seniors. This will help our seniors to plan their own daily life more effectively, so that they will live happier and more meaningfully.

This premium lifestyle begins from living in CRAFT Home, the age-friendly accommodation equipped with the necessary hardware and software components for ageing-in-place, and surrounded by a premium and resort-setting environment.

Book an appointment with our CRAFT Consultant and let’s discover the premium of vitality in immersive living.

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