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Get healthy with ACG’s Silver Fitness Programme

AGED Care Group’s 12-week Silver Fitness Programme kicked off successfully with an introduction and demonstration at the Super Pharmacy Megastore recently.

Shoppers were introduced to the programme which promotes physical health and fitness among the ageing population.

The collaboration between ACG and the pharmacy saw Super Pharmacy giving away tins of oat milk to shoppers who registered for the programme during the promotion.

The introduction at Super Pharmacy allowed elderly shoppers to experience a variety of exercises. They even had a chance to learn how to use a resistance band, medicine ball and other exercise items.

Among the more challenging exercises they tried out was running on the spot with dumbbells, balancing on a wobble board and co-ordination exercises.

“I think all the exercises are good for body fitness, but we have to continue doing these exercises in order to make ourselves fit,” said Richard Tan, 63.

He believes the programme is good for health, especially for those who are ageing and living a sedentary life.

Interested in the “12-Week Silver Fitness Programme”? Call (03) 2142-1666 or (010) 213-5023 for more information, or surf to https://agedcare.com.my/products/12-weeks-silver-fitness-programme/.

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