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Learning about Parkinson’s through Broga trip

Good effort and a fun trip. Suitable for less abled participants. – Koh Shuo Ten

Thanks to the staff of ACG & volunteers. It’s a nice outing. Keep up the good work. – Looi Eng Lam

Really appreciate the efforts of the organiser for the trip. – Mr & Mrs Ee Kow Keang

Thanks for everything. – Tan Hai Seng


THOSE were just some of the responses from participants of the Broga Fun Farm Tour, organised by the Aged Care Group (ACG) in collaboration with the Malaysia Parkinson’s Disease Association (MPDA) and the Sunway Student Volunteers.

Held on a Saturday morning in November, the tour saw 40 participants and helpers from the MPDA filling up a bus that took them from Kuala Lumpur to Broga.

They were assisted by nine members of the Sunway Student Volunteers, and the ACG team.

The sun was out and everyone was excited about getting out of the city to reconnect with nature and breathe in some fresh air.

The trip to the Lenggeng Agro Park Resort was organised to better understand the challenges faced by those living with Parkinson’s.

feeding goats

It was also a good excuse for the senior citizens from MPDA to have a day out and get some fresh air, amid smiles, laughter and good conversation.

Although it was a bit hot, the participants seemed to enjoy the trip which included a visit to a rabbit farm and a chance to feed and pet animals, as well as pluck vegetables from a farm and taste the freshly-cooked vegetables.

When the bus returned to KL in the late afernoon, the tired yet satisfied faces of participants, volunteers and organisers said it all.


Here are some comments from the student volunteers:

Cheow Zhi Yien – “This is the very first time SSV took the elderly out for a trip. It was a brand new experience for me to serve the elderly with Parkinson’s disease. I think it would be good if Aged Care Group provides a platform for SSV volunteers to experience taking care of the elderly. I have to admit that there were some ups and downs before and during the event. However, I feel that I have learnt a lot more in planning and arranging activities. Some of the elderly came forward and said thank you to the volunteers after the event. A simple ‘thank you’ actually made my day!”

Tan Ei Win – “I never would have imagined that I could be part of something like this. I did not previously have the opportunity to interact with people with Parkinson’s disease, and practise what I had learned in my course subjects. Although I have had similar experiences in managing children including those with learning difficulties, this is my first hands-on experience handling the elderly. I learnt that the most important ‘skills’ needed are patience and care. This event made me realise there are still a lot of people who need our help. It is time we work together to help others achieve a better quality of life. It is vital that the younger society understand that the elderly, especially those with Parkinson’s, are not ‘useless’ and ‘troublesome’, as generally perceived. We should help them live happily by minimising the harmful negative social perception.”

Lim Ju Min – “Throughout the event, I learned to work with people of special needs. People of special needs such as Parkinson’s require extra care and help in terms of movement. I learnt to be more attentive and cautious while guiding them and taking their needs into account. Volunteering to work with Parkinson’s patients allowed me to gain a better understanding of what I have learned in my psychology course.”

Yeo Mei Sheng – “This event has made me realise there is still a portion of society which cares for the wellbeing of the elderly. I was touched that there were young people who came to help out. It showed me that unconditional love can be provided not only to our own family members and friends, but also to other needy people out there. This event made me realise that there are many ways to help needy people. Bringing elderly people out on a day trip can bring them so much fun. Even though I felt tired after the event, I feel it is a good experience for me. I would definitely help out again next time if I have the opportunity.”

group photo

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