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TCM students should join elderly care industry

TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors and practitioners believe TCM students should not limit themselves to private clinic set-ups; they should explore other avenues to enhance their professional capacity.

This was repeated by several of the doctors and TCM practitioners who spoke at the UTAR TCM career talk, which was recently held at UTAR Sungai Long.

Aged Care Group (ACG), an organisation engaged in the business of elevating and providing aged care services in Malaysia, provides such an opportunity for TCM students.

Also speaking at the career talk, Carol Yip, ACG CEO, said that the potential market for elderly care is enormous.

“We will all age eventually; therefore we have to focus on our healthcare products and services. Taking care of the elderly is not easy, with one illness leading to another,” she said.

She went on to talk about ACG’s Day Care Centre, which is still under construction at Wisma Mirama, Kuala Lumpur. It will have an allocated space of 3,000 sq ft for UTAR, where the facilitating doctor would be able to treat patients while using the centre as a teaching facility for UTAR TCM students.

“The holistic concept of Aged Care Group takes into consideration both male and female elderly problems. Apart from healthcare, senior women pay special attention to their facial and skin care as they go through menopause.

“On the other hand, senior men generally do not visit hospitals due to an unwillingness to admit they have fallen ill. Since Parkinson’s Disease, dementia and stroke are among the common diseases facing the elderly, elderly care should not just be limited to the people who come and see us; we should reach into their homes and communities,” she said.

She explained ACG’s focus on the five areas of wellness – physical, mental, emotional, social and financial. ACG hopes to provide a complete set of services for seniors, covering these five areas of wellness.

On the topic of financial sustainability, Yip said, “Malaysia is not a social welfare country. If we do not have enough money, there is no cure. Therefore, ACG would also help assess the elderly’s financial status and assist them to find the right and affordable cure.”

She also spoke on ACG’s latest offering – Care Concierge Services, where a caregiver would be sent to the senior client’s home to accompany them for their medical checkups or assist in their daily living needs. Yip said this service would be a good opportunity for TCM doctors to extend their services to the senior clients’ homes.

For more information on ACG’s Care Concierge Services (medical and non-medical), call (03) 2142-1666.

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